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2018 CARLSON EZR2 at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZR2 at
2018 CARLSON EZR2 at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZR2 at
2018 CARLSON EZR2 at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZR2 at
2018 CARLSON EZR2 at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZR2 at
2018 CARLSON EZR2 at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZR2 at
2018 CARLSON EZR2 at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZR2 at

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A New Class Of Rear Mount Screed
Not all rear-mounts are built the same, a fact that is proven in the EZR2’s design, performance and award winning mat quality. Able to achieve flawless paving widths up to 30’ (9.14m), the EZR2 combines many of Carlson’s industry-leading screed features into a rear-mount screed platform. The EZR2 can be mounted to all current 10-foot North American models offered by the major paver manufacturers, as well as able to retrofit to nearly any previous 10-foot North American highway-class paver.

Unmatched Mat Quality
The hallmark of all Carlson screeds is award-winning mat quality, and the EZR2 is no different. Featuring 20-in deep, single bend main and extension screed plates, the platform offers flatter angle of attack and more screeding surface for exceptional mat quality and longer plate lifecycle. Screed plate lifecycle is further enhanced by the plates’ unique ribbed structure, while the EZR2’s full length element hold-downs provide direct contact to the upper surface of the plate for clean, even heating.

Extension Support
Breaking the traditional rear-mount mold, the EZR2’s extension support system combines sets new standards for rigidity, wide width ability and wear component longevity. Unlike other rear-mounts, the EZR2’s 4” chrome rods are tightly fixed to a heavy-duty tubular frame, providing the extensions optimal rigidity and eliminating independent movement of the chrome rods. Combined with largest adjustable slide blocks and bushings in the industry, the EZR2 is able to eliminate flexing at wider widths. The exclusive extension support system eliminates torqueing of the chrome rods, while wear component lifecycle is maximized for less downtime and replacement costs.

Wide Width Ability
Combining the platform’s industry-leading extension support system with Carlson’s renowned bolt-on extension design, the EZR2 is able to be built out to 30 feet (9.14m). Integrated Y-cables provide accessory power across the full width of the screed, while Carlson’s bolt-on extension design allows fine adjustments for perfect mat quality. Carlson offers a range of attachments to match your wide width requirements, including pre-strike offs, wide width roller kits, and three heated bolt-on extension sizes.

Elevating Operator Performance
The EZR2 sets new standards for operator visibility, platform organization and crew comfort amongst rear-mount screeds in the industry. With its deep, telescoping walkways and low profile, the EZR2 provides best-in-class visibility to the paver’s augers for close monitoring of head of material. And with its conveniently located cup holders, 110v outlets for accessories, depth rods and holders, shovel holders, clip board holder and legendary Carlson oven, no other rear-mount screed can match the attention to the needs and wants of contractors like the EZR2.


Standard Pave Width
8 ft – 15.5 ft (2.43m-4.72m) | 10 ft – 19.5 ft (3.05m-5.94m)
Max Wide Width
22 ft (6.7m) | 30 ft (9.14m)
4 Motors @ 0-3000vpm
Power Crown
3 in Crown/1 in Invert (76.2mm/25mm)
Max Extension Slope
12% Pos. / 5% Neg.
Vertical Extension Height

Additional Details

Screed Weight
7,600 lbs (3447kg) | 8,275 lbs (3754kg)
Screed Depth (w/endgates)
8 ft (2.43m) | 8.3 ft (2.53m)
Screed Plate Depth
20 in (508mm)
Power Outlets
20.5 in (521mm)
Power Output
4 Outlets (Depending on tractor)
Walkway Depth
120 v @ 1200 watts while heating

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