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2018 CARLSON EZ III at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZ III at
2018 CARLSON EZ III at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZ III at
2018 CARLSON EZ III at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZ III at
2018 CARLSON EZ III at www.ambroseequipment.com2018 CARLSON EZ III at

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The Genesis Of The Modern Front Mount Screed
A legendary design in its own right, the Carlson EZIII gives contractors a highly versatile platform able to achieve award winning mat quality on commercial, municipal and county applications. Available in 8-foot (2.44m) and 10-foot (3.05m) models, the EZIII can be mounted to all current North American models offered by the major paver manufacturers, as well as retrofitted on to nearly any previous North American highway-class paver.

Firsts In The Industry
A technological breakthrough in screed design when it was first introduced in the early 1990’s, the EZIII continues to set the example for front mount screeds even today. Built with the Carlson exclusive 2% screed taper, a feature that facilitates outboard flow of material towards the endgates whether the augers are in operation or not, the EZIII also employs other industry-firsts including adjustable single slide track support, integrated berm builders, and fully adjustable deck cone system for easy screed leveling. Enhancing paving performance, component lifecycle and serviceability, the EZIII continues to remain a fixed point of rugged dependability in an ever changing industry.

Award Winning Mat Quality
Award winning mat quality is in the pedigree of all Carlson screeds, starting in part with the EZIII. The screed platform has helped contractors receive the coveted Sheldon G. Hayes Award multiple times and numerous other accolades. From the platform’s adjustable brass slide track system, helping to keep tight rigidity of the extensions at standard and wide paving widths, to the easy leveling procedure, the EZIII is designed to achieve the highest quality mat through simple adjustments to the screed. The screed also incorporates advanced electric heating elements that provide even, clean heat across the platform’s main and extension screed plates.

Designed For Maximum Crew Comfort
Designed around the operator to maximize productivity and comfort, the EZIII has long set the standard for ergonomics within the industry. With its deep walkways, shovel holders, tool trays, conveniently placed cup holders, and Carlson exclusive oven for meal preparation, the EZIII provides operators an organized and comfortable work environment for safer and more focused operation.


Standard Pave Width
8 ft – 13.5 ft (2.44m-4.11m) | 10 ft – 17 ft (3.05m-5.18m)
Wide Pave Width
19 ft (5.8m) | 24 ft (7.3m)
Power Crown
2.5 in Crown/1.5 Invert (63.5mm/38mm)
Extension Slope
Vertical Extension Height
Optional Integrated Berm
12 in (305mm), 18 in (457mm)

Additional Details

Screed Weight
5,200 lbs (2358.7kg) | 6,000 lbs (2721.6kg)
Main Screed Plate Taper
2% from center to outside edge
Power Outlets
4 Outlets
Power Output
120 v @ 1200 watts while heating
Walkway Depth
20.5 in (521mm)

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